recap results meeting

How we go further:

timelab will provide a list of possible workshops. 

Jerome will rate this longlist.

We will, together choose 2 out of this list

We put these workshops in a matrix (dificulty level, materials, duration, ...)

We test this workshop in at least 2 beta testing groups in order to get feedback on the key competences.

We tag and rate the competences


The results are published on the website


ITD will describe how we use the method and concept of open structures as e.g. a fablab in the formalab.

the main correlation is the hands-on interactive method of creating, building, upgrading, re-using, recombing ...


And how we develop workshops through this method of gathering feedback from different test groups on the level of presence of the 7 different competences within this specific workshop.


We are not translating the charter or defining what machines are nesseccary to become a formalab. 



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